EU orders

As standard, the shop is only set up to handle orders in Danish kroner (dkk) and with shipment to Denmark, for now.

I do however send within the EU also.

The procedure

If you find something of interest, you send me an email with information about:

  • The product of interest
  • Your country

I will then calculate shipping and send you information about price and delivery time.  I have very few of each item, so when I receive your mail I will reserve the product for you, therefore the product will now longer be visible on the page, if there is only one in stock.

The shipping prices is approximately between 8,5 and 37 euro within the EU (Greenland 53 euro). The delivery time is normally between 3-5 days


For now, I only accept payment within the EU through PayPal. When we agree on the order, I will send you a PayPal invoice